Trojan.gen.2 Removal Instructions

When you are infected with the trojan.gen.2 removal is the first thing you need to do. The trojan.gen.2 is a malicious Trojan which was first detected by symantec. The trojan aims to wreak havoc on your computer system and compromise your user data privacy. This trojan can be very troublesome, Every time you remove the trojan it keeps on coming back.

Signs You Are Infected With Trojan.gen.2
-Computer is running slower than normal
-You keep getting re-directed in your internet browser when making searches
-Unwanted / fake pop ups about system errors
-Unwanted advertisements within internet browsers
-Frequent system crashes / blue screen of death
The Trojan.Gen.2 removal is very important because it is capable to open a backdoor entry to your system to enable a remote hacker access to your compromised computer, They can then do some very serious damage such as stealing your personal data (E-mails, passwords, credit card details) So as soon as you know you are infected make sure to remove this threat as soon as possible.

Trojan.gen.2 removal Instructions

Now you know you are infected with the Trojan.gen.2 removal of this trojan is quite easy when you know how. First thing to do is reboot your computer system in to safe mode. Reboot your system then press the F8 button just before the windows logo shows. Then select “Safe mode with netorking” as shown below

Next open windows explorer then click on Tools > Folder Options > View Tab, Select “Show hidden files, folders, and drives” also un tick “Hide protected operating system files” then click on enter.

Now click on start > Run and type the following in
%Temp% – Delete all files in this folder
%UserProfile%Application Data\ – Delete Trojan.Gen.2.lnk or anything that has the word trojan.gen.2 removal in it.
%AppData%\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Templates\ – Delete anything in here that doesnt look right, Be careful and google something to find out what it is before deleting it.
%AppData%\Local\ – Delete any .exe files which exist in this folder

Trojan.gen.2 removal Instructions Continued

Hopefully the Trojan.gen.2 removal has now been removed from your system for good. But there are a few other things that we can do to make sure it has gone for good.
Download and run a program called TDSSKiller. TDSSKiller is a very good program which can be used to remove trojans such as the Trojan.gen.2 removal. Once you have downloaded TDSSKiller rename the TDSSKiller.exe file to iexplore.exe. Then double click on iexplore.exe follow the prompts and perform a full scan of your system. I would recommend doing one scan, then reboot your machine back in to safe mode and run the scan again.

Next thing to do is make sure your local anti virus is up to date and perform a full scan of your local system. Make sure you remove any threats that the scan might find. Again I recommend running the scan more than once.
Perform an online scan. There are quite a few websites that you can go to which can scan your local computer for viruses. Go to google and search for “Online virus scan” then find a site to perform a full scan of your system. Its always best to run more than one different type of virus scanning on your system.

More Trojan.gen.2 removal Tips

Now we are sute the Trojan.gen.2 removal is not on our system we can do a few things which will hopefully keep our computers safe from viruses / trojans / malware / spyware.
Tip 1 : Frequently check that your anti virus software is being frequently updated
Tip 2 : Schedule a full weekly virus scan of your system and remove any threats the scan might find
Tip 3 : Install the latest service packs and hotfixes from microsoft, Run windows updates from internet explorer and install all the latest hotfixes
Tip 4 : Dont open any e-mail attachments you are unsure about, e-mail is one of the most popular ways to spread viruses
I hope you found this article on Trojan.gen.2 removal useful, if you have any feedback please post a comment below and I will respond to it. Thanks for reading.
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